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Growing a business is hard. It’s more than hard. Sometimes it feels downright impossible. You get out of a meeting and you have 11 voicemails waiting. One from an upset customer and another from the mission-critical vendor who wants to be paid, NOW. And, oh, your spouse needs your help with the kids, the backyard needs mowing, and the car has to go to the shop because something doesn’t sound right.  
Welcome to life as a business owner!
If only you could get more of the right kind of customers — the ones who are happy to pay you on time for a job done with excellence. If you could hire and retain the right employees — the one who are willing to work hard for what you’re paying them. If only you could start getting ahead — putting money away for a rainy day and actually getting ahead so you can take some time off. 
Well you can… with Optivity Advisors and our business improvement and performance coaching programs. 
Experienced entrepreneurs advising and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs with special methods and tools. 
We are experts in one thing – growing profitable companies through business process improvement and performance coaching. Here’s how we do it…

More Time

A time management plan and our 4 other tools will help you business become more efficient, allowing you to have more time for the things that you enjoy in life.

Better Team

Our toolkit of 10 methods and tools help you to improve team leadership, hire the right people, increase staff retention, and other key operational processes in your business. Each business in unique and we help you deploy these actions for the transformation that you want and need.

More Money

Our 7 systems and plans provide the foundation for growing your business and dramatically increasing profit. We help your business move through the growth phases into Prosperity and Freedom.

We Can Help You Increase Profit & Grow Your Business


With our decades of success, we have unique methods to grow your business and profit while reducing risk.


We'll work with you to build the most effective and productive team, hire the right people and increase retention.


This is the engine for your business. We'll assess your current efforts and present alternative methods when appropriate.


Our toolkit of 21 Silver Bullet Methods and Techniques are extremely effective to overcome current challenges and set your business on the growth path.


We will support you with coaching and guidance to achieve the transformation that you want and deserve.


You will realize higher levels of success when you reach the Freedom phase and free-up your time while your business thrives.

As a result of this powerful 25-minute session you will leave with:
• A new awareness of what is causing many of the challenges in your business right now (they may not be what you think!)
• A renewed sense of energy and motivation to take your business to the next level
• A “next-step” action plan for moving your business into the next phase of profit, growth and freedom!
We offer this complementary session to business owners that are serious about growing their business and profits. There are a limited number of Growth Discovery Sessions available each week.

About Us

Hi, Jeff White here, the managing partner of Optivity Advisors. I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. Now, you are probably wondering: “Who is this and how can he help me?”


With years of experience working with a global Fortune 100 company, I became a founding partner a consulting firm in 2008 that sold for $28M in 2014 and I established another advisory firm in 2016 that has $12M annual booked business as of July 2020.


I have developed the techniques and tools to help your business grow through The 5 Steps To Freedom. With my assistance and coaching, you can increase profits and free-up time to enjoy the things in life that matter most.

Our Work

Over the past decades we have worked with numerous businesses to conduct assessments, implementations and provide interim leadership. Now our focus is to assist service businesses, manufacturing companies and consulting firms to experience accelerated growth and increased profits.  

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Boost Your Profit & Build the Business of Your Dreams!


Learn how to increase revenue, manage fixed expenses, increase profit, and realize personal freedom.